A resident of an asteroid metropolis that rotates around Earth, finds himself cast away to the Earth’s surface.  Driven to find a way back, this thief must confront his former mentor to find the truth about his intentions with Earth.

The year is 2155.  The Earth is unstable, but life still lives on after surviving a disastrous meteor shower.  A resident of an asteroid metropolis that rotates around Earth, finds himself cast away to the Earth’s surface.  On the surface our hero must learn to hunt, search, steal, survive treacherous environments, and battle mutated lifeforms of this transformed world.  After being rescued by a wise nomad, The Lifter, is forced to wander the surface hoping to find a way back to Metro Station.  Metro Station is a metropolis space station built on an asteroid that rotates around the Earth and has taken over in place of the moon after it is nearly destroyed during the meteor shower now referred to as the “Day of Reign.”  Instead he finds himself thrown into a war.  One that leads him to his enemy, an all seeing priest who isn’t what he seems.  A man who raised The Lifter on Metro Station and served as his mentor.  The Lifter confronts his mentor who forces him to choose life on Metro Station or the surface.  
The Director

Kevin Lyons

The Writer

Anthony Jackson

The Lifter

Kevin Brunson