SONGHAMMER: an Epic video for ‘Death Is On The Way!’

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SONGHAMMER: The mighty and powerful overlords of rock need your help! After being chosen out of tens of thousands of awesome and creative entrants in the BlizzCon 2011 Original Songwriters Competition we realized that there was a serious need for some seriously EPIC music dedicated to the realms of fantasy, gaming, and classic amplitude. [For those of you with a life outside of online gaming, BlizzCon is an annual convention dedicated to the most popular online PVP/PVE games in the world; World of WarcraftStarcraft, and Diablo. There are over 24,000,000 registered gamers worldwide]. Using their spoils from BlizzCon SONGHAMMER turned around and invested it all right back into new recordings. Fueled by gaming, sorcery, and ramen these masters of melodic mayhem created some truly epic tunage… But alas, they had no more coin to produce a truly epic video.

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UPDATE…This project was funded and thank you all who pledged funds and showed their support.  Unfortunately, we could not take on the production due to time constraints.  We wish SongHammer the best of luck in all the adventures.  We were very excited to take part of the Kickstarter campaign and we look forward to seeing SongHammer’s epic video.

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